Happy 4th Of July From Crystal Beach Florida

crystal beach floridaOnce again our nation is celebrating it’s birthday and here in Crystal Beach Florida, we will be enjoying the day out on the water! That is why we live down here in this wonderful little community along the Gulf Coast of Pinellas County, so we can be out on the water whenever possible.

Naturally, local communities are going to be setting off fireworks to celebrate our nation’s birthday and Crystal Beach Florida is no exception. Once the sun sets the fireworks will begin down by Live Oak Park, directly along the seashore. This is one of the many times during the year that the entire community comes out to celebrate!

As you can see from the adjacent photo, homes here in Crystal Beach Florida are all decked out for the celebration. American flags are flying throughout Crystal Beach during the week of the 4th of July. That is typical since we are all proud to live in this great nation.

I sincerely hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July with their family and friends! We are lucky to live in a country where we have the option to go to the polls and vote. Countries that allow such freedoms are in a minority on our planet. Let us not forget that as we celebrate our nation’s birthday!


Crystal Beach Florida – A Wonderful Place To Live

Crystal Beach FloridaCrystal Beach Florida is a wonderful place to live and play along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Little Crystal Beach was founded in 1912 by Mr. Avery and Mr. Rebstock of Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada – hence the name ‘Crystal Beach Florida’.

Dr J.D. Hanby  and Mr. A.D. Powers took over the development of our little town and laid out streets shortly thereafter. The Crystal Beach Development Company was thus formed and development in this little seaside community began. There wasn’t much going on in this little village when our beautiful Live Oak Park was named. The park used to have a fountain and a fish pond.

Faith Mission relocated to Crystal Beach Florida from Tampa in 1928. This mission was home to as many as  eighty orphaned children. The mission took over the vacant three story building that had been the Blue Heron Hotel (since demolished) up near St Joseph’s Sound.

The Crystal Beach Community Church was built in 1948 and is still used today! Located across from Live Oak Park and right along the shore, this beautiful building with the little lighthouse in front is a central point of the community.

At one time the railroad stopped in Crystal Beach Florida. That railroad has since been turned into the Pinellas Trail, a favorite playground for bikers and hikers alike! The Pinellas Trail runs north and south through Pinellas County, covering more than 47 miles.

To begin your search for a home here in beautiful Crystal Beach Florida, give me a call! I live right here in Crystal Beach and grew up locally.