Hammock Park – Dunedin Florida’s Best Kept Secret

Hammock Park is indeed Dunedin Florida’s best kept secret! Located south of Michigan Blvd and east of Bayshore (Alt 19), this 90 acre nature preserve is Florida at it’s finest!

This amazing coastal forest is one of the last remaining examples of how West Central Florida looked before the land development companies moved in. From tiny hummingbirds to the graceful osprey, from fox and raccoon to wild tangerine and orange trees, this park offers a real learning experience.

You can enter the park on San Mateo Drive and park just beyond the Butterfly Garden that is the latest addition to Hammock Park. The Butterfly Garden is home to more than thirty-five species of butterflies!

Next to the Butterfly Garden and directly on San Mateo Drive is historic Andrews Memorial Chapel, which has it’s own interesting history and was built in 1888. 

There are also areas to park your car and enter the park on Harvard Avenue and off McCarty Street. The Harris Woods Entrance off McCarty Street has limited parking. There is a foot trail entrance off Mira Vista Drive and San Mateo (the Sugarberry Entrance) as well but there is no place to park at this entrance. 

No matter where you enter the park, Hammock Park is a real treat with well maintained trails that meander through the lush vegetation. This is just one more example of the beautiful parks and nature preserves in and around the Dunedin Florida area!