Purchasing Waterfront Property In The Palm Harbor Florida Area

Purchasing Waterfront Property In The Palm Harbor Florida Area – Tips & Advice

What are some of the things you need to know about purchasing waterfront property here in the Palm Harbor Florida area:

Type of Waterfront Property: The term ‘waterfront’ can mean anything here from direct ocean access and view to being on a salt water canal with direct ocean access, salt water canal with fixed bridges, canals with no ocean access, fresh water canals and lakes, ponds and even retention ponds. ALL of these are ‘waterfront’ classifications!

Sea Walls: If you are purchasing waterfront property and there is a seawall, you need to have a seawall inspection completed by a seawall specialist or a structural engineer. The inspection will cover the condition of the actual seawall as well as any cracks or structural issues in the area of the dock.

Boat Docks: The dock also needs to be inspected prior to purchase. What condition is the dock in? If you are intending on adding a dock, be sure to contact the local government office responsible for permits to make sure that you will be allowed to add that dock after purchase.

Lifts and Davits: Unless your boat is so large that it must be in the water at all times, most boat owners will choose to keep their vessel out of the water. Inspecting the davits is always recommended!

Not all canals are equal! Often homes located at the end of a salt water canal farthest from the open sea will find that there are times they cannot put their boat into the water due to low tides. If you think this may be an issue, check the depth of the water behind your prospective property during low tide prior to purchasing.

These are all items that you need to be aware of if you are considering purchasing waterfront property. The Palm Harbor Florida area has numerous waterfront homes currently on the market. Contact me for a list of homes available and let’s begin your search!